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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Taşıtlarda Güç Aktarımı
English Traction Dynamics of Motor Vechicles
Course Code
MOT 580 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Osman Taha Şen
Course Objectives 1. Driving performance requirements
2. Design of power transmission components of vehicles regarding driving performances.
3. The effects of various propulsion systems on driving performances.
Course Description Required quantities to predict vehicle driving performances. Alternative power units and transmission requirements. Design of the characteristics of the power transmission components and their effects on fuel consumption. Friction limits and types of propulsion systems.
Course Outcomes 1. Vehicle equations of motion and detailed information about the related quantities.
2. Alternative power units and their comparison.
3. Transmission requirements, couplings and torque converters.
4. Transmission optimization regarding driving performances
5. Transmission optimization regarding fuel consumption.
6. The effects of various propulsion systems on driving performances.
Required Facilities
Other References 1. Mitschke, M. (1982). Dynamik der Kraftfahrzeuge; Band A: Antrieb und Bremsung. Springer Verlag.
2 .Gillespie, T. D. (1992). Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics. SAE Inc.
3. Reimpell, J., Stoll, H. ve Betzler, J.W. (2001). The Automotive Chasis: Engineering Principles. Elsevier.
4. Heisler, H. (2002). Advanced Vehicle Technology. SAE.
5. Wong, J.Y. (2008). Theory of Ground Vehicles. Wiley.
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