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GAM 518E - Game Production

Course Objectives

1. Giving a business perspective to game development
2. Introducing the economy and the value chain of game industry
3. Presenting the stages of development and case studies about problems one team may face
4. Introducing the needs of upper management, publishers and investors.

Course Description

Game producer; Choosing a game, developer roles, adapting developer roles to smaller teams, Pipeline; Introduction to stages of production, business and revenue models; Funding a project, writing GDD; Project planning, budgeting, pipeline tools, R&D; Team Building, pre-production; Creating Feedback loops, prototyping for successful business model; Production, asset creation, iteration, internal QA; Finaling, beta testing, localization, polishing, porting; project management, team management, outsourcing; Post production / operation, adjusting to ecosystem, how to handle accidents; Marketing Techniques, Pitching to Publishers and Investors

Course Coordinator
Sanem Sarıel Uzer
Course Language
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