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DEP 513 - Modeling and Computing in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Course Objectives

1. To provide students with state of the art analytical methods for analyzing geotechnical earthquake engineering systems
2. To introduce and make use of common numerical methods in geotechnical earthquake engineering to solve complex engineering problems
3. To make sure the students acquire knowledge to the approximate solution of the geotechnical earthquake engineering problems and present this in terms of various applications
4. To learn the earthquake-induced instabilities and be able to evaluate these

Course Description

The course mainly covers the mathematical and numerical modeling of soils and / or simple structural systems. Some of the relevant topics are: 1-Analytical Methods (Geotechnical applications to earthquake engineering and soil dynamics); 2-Introduction to Numerical Methods; a) Finite Element Method (Geotechnical applications to earthquake engineering); 3- Applications of FEM to Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Solution of 1-2 Dimensional Flow and Deformation Problem; 4) Constitutive Modeling and Soil Plasticity a) Theory, b) Numerical Modeling and Application to Soil Plasticity; 5-Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Barış Can Ülker
Course Language
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