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GEO 504E - Industrial Measurements

Course Objectives

In this course, importance and principle of geodetic measurements in industrial measurements are emphasised. Detail information is provided about instruments and equipment of industrial measurements. Also mentioned about angle and distance measurements with their and error sources on industrial measurements. Additional information is provided on methodology of industrial measurements, co-ordinate systems, co-ordinate types such as rectangular, cylindrical, spherical, etc. and co-ordinate transformations. Moreover data quality, place and importance of geodetic measurements techniques for product quality inspection are mentioned. Flatness inspections of large flat surfaces using inclination sensors are also mentioned. Finally information is provided about industrial measurements using geodetic techniques, applications and application fields in industry.

Course Description

i) In this course student learn how to use geodetic techniques, instruments and equipments in industry. Moreover student achieve ability and knowledge to solve surveying problems using geodetic techniques, instruments and equipments faced on product development, inspection and etc. in industry.
ii) Additionally, student’s academic ability improves by preparing and presenting technical report, written, oral and poster presentation and taking part in team work

Course Coordinator
Rahmi Nurhan Çelik
Course Language
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