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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Taşıt Dinamiği
English Vehicle Dynamics
Course Code
MOT 575E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 - - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Özgen Akalın
Course Objectives The primary objective of the course is to learn the fundamental relationships between vehicle design parameters and vehicle response, including performance, handling and ride. With this understanding, the student should be able to model the behavior of a vehicle to determine appropriate values of the design parameters to enhance response.
Course Description Graduate level vehicle dynamics course covering dynamics of pneumatic tires, mathematical tire models; Longitudinal Dynamics: Performance and road resistances, braking stability; Lateral Dynamics: General equations of motion, non-linear effects, steady-state and transient handling of various vehicle designs including single track and articulated vehicles; Vertical Dynamics: Multi-body-ride models and natural frequency analysis, suspension, steering, roll and compliance effects on vehicle handling and stability.
Course Outcomes By taking this class, the student will:

1. Learn fundamentals of vehicle dynamics including performance, handling and ride.
2. Learn the effects of vehicle design parameters on handling and stability.
3. Be able to build complex vehicle models to simulate vehicle handling.
4. Be able to perform basic handling simulations for various vehicle designs.
5. Be able to make basic calculations for vehicle vertical dynamics and ride analysis.
Pre-requisite(s) Undergraduate level Dynamics and Vehicle Technology
Required Facilities
Other References
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