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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Characteristics of dynamic problem, method of discretization,
2 Single degree-of freedom systems, undamped free vibrations
3 Vibration of rigid assemblages having one degree-of-freedom, damped free vibrations, critically damped systems.
4 Under critically damped systems, harmonic and periodic excitation Response to impulsive loading
5 Response to general loading, response to periodic loading, Rayleigh’s method
6 Newmark’s method
7 Multi-degree-of-freedom systems, undamped free vibration, mode shapes.
8 Forced vibrations, modal superposition, Rayleigh’s method, Stodola method
9 Static condensation, Center of rigidity, damping matrix.
10 Distributed-parameter-systems, bending vibrations.
11 Earthquake motions
12 Single-degree-of-freedom-systems, spectra
13 Multi-degree-freedom-systems
14 Method of modal superpositions
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