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NSE 517E - Environmental Nanotechnology

Course Objectives

Environmental applications of nanotechnology have become very important recently. The related subjects of environmental engineering in nanotechnology have been divided into two different topics as applications and effects. Sensor development for the pollutants, pollution prevention, treatment, green manufacturing and green energy can be put into applications section. Besides the positive effects of nanotechnology, negative effects of nanotechnology on human and environment has also been determined. The aim of this course is to mention the latest developments related to nanotechnology, environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures, possible effects on human and environment and scientific researches and regulations that should be done in the future related to nanotechnology and to develop a scientific infrastructure on environmental nanotechnology which is sensitive to human and environment.

Course Description

Introduction to Environmental Nanotechnology, Manufacture of materials using environmentally friendly procedures, Positive and negative effects of technologies at nanoscale on environmental pollution, Importance of nanotechnologies on environmental technology (Water treatment applications etc.), Nano-sensors for detecting pollutants, Effects of nanoparticles to environment, Effects of nanoparticles to human, Fundamental properties (transport, aggregation, deposition etc) of nanoparticles in different media (Water, air, soil etc.),Nanotechnology in energy production and utilization of renewable energy, Characterization techniques of nanoparticles (SEM, AFM, TEM, VSI etc), Scientific researches and regulations that should be done in the future related to nanotechnology.

Course Coordinator
İsmail Koyuncu
Course Language
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