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DEP 517E - Damage Asses.Using Satel.Imag.

Course Objectives

1. To introduce remote sensing technology used for damage assessment.
2. To evaluate damage assessment approaches with respect to data to be used (based on earthquake damage assessment).
3. To teach how to apply pattern recognition algorithms to assess damage patterns.
4. To understand and interpret damage features extraction.
5. To understand and interpret damage maps and their accuracy assessment.

Course Description

1. Develop an understanding of the role of remote sensing technology in damage assessment system caused by natural disaster.
2. Develop an introductory understanding of remote sensing data types and their applications in earthquake damage assessment.
3. Develop and understanding of pixel-based, texture based and object based classification with supervised and unsupervised learning methods.
4. Develop skills required to produce damage maps that may be used to make a successive recovery planning after the disaster.
5. Teach how to derive damage patterns using edge detector and texture analysis.
6. Teach how to evaluate damage patterns to assess more accurately the damage.
7. Learn how to classify satellite imagery, produce thematic map and evaluate its accuracy.
8. Understanding of comparing satellite images obtained before and after the disaster, and of how earthquake damage is assessed using only after imagery.

Course Coordinator
Gülşen Taşkın Kaya
Course Language
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