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KIM 628 - Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems

Course Objectives

To teach fundamentals of drug delivery systems.
To teach the principles and examples of polymeric drug delivery system.
To teach advanced targeting and delivery systems depending on polymers.
To teach common properties and examples of polymeric carrier systems.

Course Description

Fundamentals of drug delivery, challenges of drug delivery, polymer–drug conjugates, polymeric microparticles, polymeric nanoparticles, block copolymer micelles and vesicles for drug delivery, implantable drug delivery systems, polymeric drug delivery systems in tissue engineering, oral controlled-release polymeric drug delivery systems, mucoadhesive drug delivery systems, enhanced oral drug delivery through metabolic pathways, stimuli-responsive polymer delivery systems, affinity-based drug delivery, targeting drug delivery systems.

Course Coordinator
Muhammet Übeydullah Kahveci
Course Language
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