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MAK 662E - Advanced System Dynamics&Cont.

Course Objectives

1. In depth knowledge of time domain and frequency domain analysis of single input – single output
(SISO) systems.
2. Advanced design methods of SISO control systems in time and frequency domain.
3. Basic knowledge on the analysis of multiple input – multiple output (MIMO) system dynamics
4. Basic design methods of MIMO control systems based on state-space methods, time and frequency domain interactions and performance analysis in state space

Course Description

Open and Closed Loop Compensation, Feed forward and Feedback Control, Compensation and Control
System Design using Root Locus Methods, Compensation and Control System Design using Frequency
Response methods, Basic Compensation and Control Design Methods for Multivariable Systems, Relations and interactions between time and frequency domain analysis and design methods

Course Coordinator
Erdinç Altuğ
Course Language
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