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HSK 607E - Hydroclimatology

Course Objectives

1. To gain to more depth of knowledge in hydrology
2. To get understanding of the climate dynamics controlling the global distribution of precipitation, the effects of regional anomalies, such as El Nino, on weather and climate in Europe and Middle East sectors and the use of weather and climate in water resources engineering

Course Description

This course will cover the topics of global climate system, general circulation, global water cycle, natural variability of climate, anthropogenic climate change, feedbacks in climate, modeling of climate system, hydrologic modeling, spatial and temporal variations in hydroclimatic variables, large-scale oscillations and the effects of these oscillations on the hydroclimatic variables. It will also look into the climate and hydrology of the Mediterranean Basin in the light of this information.

Course Coordinator
Ömer Lütfi Şen
Course Language
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