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NSE 523E - Surfaces&Interfaces

Course Objectives

..1. To train students to identify and describe surface&interfaces,
2. To introduce the meaning of the terminology and physical principles of surface chemistry,
3. To give detailed information about surface charge, electrical double layer and interfacial interactions,
4. To show students how to use required advanced techniques for the surfaces&interfaces analyses or performance from the related analyses.
5. To provide students an opportunity to improve their knowledge about surface engineering applications.

Course Description

..Basic Concepts: Definition, Classification and Importance of Surfaces and Interfaces, Molecular Structure of Surfaces and Interfaces, Intermolecular Interactions, Thermodynamics of Interfaces, Adsorption at Interfaces, Electric Charge at the Interface, Interfacial Interactions, Introduction to Surface Analysis, Surface Morphology (SEM, AFM, SFM), Surface Composition (XPS, Tof SIMS, FTIR), Contact Angle, Interfacial Tension, Adsorption Density, Zeta Potential, Flow Behavior, Rheology Measurements, Introduction to Surface Engineering: Chemical–Mechanical Polishing, Cleaning, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Self–Assembly Monolayers (SAMs), Langmuir–Blodgett Films, Nanoprinting, Nanolithography.

Course Coordinator
Birgül Benli
Course Language
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