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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Güneş&Rüz.Ener.Kaynak.Model.
English modelling Solar and Wind Energy Sources
Course Code
MTO 529 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Ahmet Duran Şahin
Course Objectives • To learn discountiunity importance for wind and solar energies, especially and in addition, to learn spatio-temporal variation of these sources in details.
• To learn discountiunity could be minimized by selecting convenient locations, improving forecast models and using hybrid systems.
• When mentioned suggestions are realized optimumly, wind and solar energies would be more countiunity sources.
This course would be benefical for atmospheric scientists and engineerg who work in the wind and solar energy sector.
Course Description Data for solar irradiation and sunshine duration. Spatial and temporal properties of solar irradiation and sunshine duration. Spatio-temporal modeling of solar irradiation and sunshine duration data. Discriminated data and properties, solar irradiation and sunshine duration data analysis with linear parametric equations. Photovoltaic cells and modeling output data of these systems. Short term prediction and wind power. Physical flow models, statistical models, Wasp and other turbine sitting models. Spatio-temporal wind speed data modeling with geostatistical methods. Short term wind turbine output data prediction. Objective analysis, Determination of wind turbines relationship in a wind farm and objective analysis. General map methodologies for wind and solar energies. Using wind and solar data together in a hybrid system. Output data and planning projections.
Course Outcomes
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