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GEO 528E - Open Sour.Geoinfor.Sci.&Techn.

Course Objectives

1. Providing foundation knowledge about open source geographic information science and technologies.
2. Examining the open source methods and technologies proposed for producing, processing, using and managing spatial data/information.
3. Introducing applications implemented within the context of open source spatial data/information share by emphasizing the importance of open source technologies.
4. Comparing the capabilities of the open source spatial technologies with commercial approaches and executing cost-benefit analysis
5. Improving practical abilities through term project.

Course Description

Awareness of the spatial data/information use at different levels has currently increased by influencing information/informatics technologies. Technologies developed in this context can be classified as open source and commercial. The subject of open source geographical information science is going to be examined by considering both theoretical and practical scope within the context of this course. Open source methods, standards and technologies, which are developed for producing and using spatial data/information and sharing of the final products, are going to be explained and some case studies are going to be implemented through different open source platforms.

Course Coordinator
Ahmet Özgür Doğru
Course Language
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