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YTT 508E - Quality Control and Testing of Technical Textiles

Course Objectives

1. To have detailed information on quality control and procedures applied on technical textiles.
2. To gain deep knowledge on physical and chemical testing of technical textiles.
3. To gain detailed information on technical textiles in various product groups.

Course Description

Quality concept and its importance. Importance of quality control in textiles. Quality control procedures applied for technical textiles. Quality control during raw material stage, production stage and post-production stage. Sampling. Physical tests applied in the quality control of technical textiles. Physical tests at different production stages such as fiber, yarn, fabric, end-product. Strength tests. Evaluation of thermal comfort, heat and moisture permeability properties. Evaluation of water repellency and water impermeability properties of fabrics. Measurement of contact angle and surface tension. Fabric rigidity testing. Determination of anticrease properties of fabrics. pH, formaldehyde and heavy metal ions identification in textiles with regard to Oeko-Textiles. Testing of different technical textiles groups including geotextiles, medical textiles, packaging textiles, automotive textiles, sport textiles, agro textiles. Implementation of quality control system in a technical textile producer.

Course Coordinator
Umut Kıvanç Şahin
Osman Bülent Özipek
Course Language
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