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TEK 544E - Experim.Design in Tex.Resear.

Course Objectives

1. To define a textile problem, the dependent and independent variables of the problem, and the factors of the problem.
2. To define the mathematical model needed to solve the problem.
3. To select the experimental design method suitable for this mathematical model
4. To interpret experimental results gained by running experiments according to experimental design.
5. To learn using most advanced package programs in every step from defining variables to interpreting experimental results.

Course Description

Experimental design and analysis in textile researches, Randomized block single-factor experimental designs, Factorial experimental design, Two factor experimental design, Qualitative and quantitative factors, Three factor experimental designs, Fixed, random and mixed models in textile researches for one or more factors, Nested and Nested Factorial experimental designs in textile researches, Randomized Block and Latin Square experimental design systems in textile researches for two or more factors, Split-Plot experimental designs in textile researches, Distortion of measured factors in textile experimental design, Response-Surface methodology.

Course Coordinator
Umut Kıvanç Şahin
Course Language
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