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PYY 507E - Quantitative Decision Making Techniques in Construction Management

Course Objectives

1. Understand how to apply quantitative decision-making techniques in analyzing construction management problems
2. Learn basic principles and applications of different programming methods
3. Learn theory and applications of multi-criteria decision making

Course Description

Introduction to quantitative methods, quantitative analysis approach, model building, mathematical models, decision making models, approaches to decision making: optimizing vs satisficing, single criterion vs multiple criteria: multi attribute decision making (MADM) vs. multi objective decision making, basics and principles of multi attribute decision making, elementary methods, matrix algebra, definition of matrix, addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices, determinant; inverse matrix; gaussian elimination, linear programming models: definition and basic assumptions of linear programming, solving linear programming problems using graphical approach, integer programming models, goal programming models, computer solution of programming problems, multi attribute decision making: value based methods, simple additive weighting (SAW), weighted product (WP), multi attribute decision making: TOPSIS, analytic hierarchy process (AHP), basics and principles of multi objective decision making, multi objective decision making solving methods: method of the global criterion, multi objective decision making solving methods: goal programming

Course Coordinator
Fatma Pınar Çakmak
Course Language
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