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ZMG 510E - Soil Dynamics

Course Objectives

This course is an introduction to dynamics of soils within the context of discrete and continuous systems.
The main objective of this course is to understand the basic principles of dynamic properties of soils
under dynamic excitations and specifically under seismic motions. Dynamics of both elemental level soils
and system level soil layers are covered. In addition, local site conditions and instability of soil media due
to earthquake excitations such as liquefaction are among the most crucial parts conveyed to the students
in this course.
This course is also designed to provide an introduction to computational dynamics with application to soildynamics. These include foundation vibration, dynamic soil structure interaction, seismic ground motion,
dynamic response of soil sites, and soil liquefaction.

Course Description

This course covers the investigation of the dynamic behavior of soils and their effects on wave properties and soils under the influence of strong ground motion and earthquake.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Barış Can Ülker
Course Language
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