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YTT 504E - Hi-tech&High-Perfor.Text.&App.

Course Objectives

1. To teach fiber, yarn and fabric constructions used in hi-tech and high-performance textiles.
2. To teach design and development process and end uses of the products.
3. To teach production technologies of the products with relevance to their end use.
4. To teach rapidly emerging technologies and sustainability in hi-tech textiles

Course Description

Description and classification of hi-tech and high-performance textiles, their design and development process. The properties of high-performance textiles, yarn and fabric constructions. Introduction to multifunctional multilayered textiles. Functional finishes and novel surface treatments for high-performance textiles. Hi-tech textiles used in active and sportswear and their manufacturing methods. Easy-care treatments for hi-tech fabrics and garments. Insect repellent textiles. Hi-tech textiles for protective clothing. Biomimetic textiles and their end use. Conductive textiles, smart fabrics, wearable technology and their end-use. Textiles for industrial filtration and civil engineering applications. Textiles for geotechnical engineering applications. Fabrics for reinforcement of engineering composites. Fiber-reinforced composites for sustainable energy applications.

Course Coordinator
İkilem Göcek
İkilem Göcek
Course Language
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