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YTT 526E - Unconventional Engineering Solutions for Technical Textiles

Course Objectives

1. To analyze the design criteria for unconventional engineering solutions
2. To discuss and obtain deep knowledge about the applications of unconventional engineering solution for technical textiles.

Course Description

Design and manufacturing nature of technical textiles. Conventional vs unconventional engineering solutions. Cabling and direct twisting for tyre-cord fabrics. Friction spinning for glass-fiber yarn production. Twistless cotton yarn spinning for comfort fabrics. Bi-component fiber spinning for self crimping and higher surface area. Spunbonding and meltblowing for nonwovens. Circular weaving for bags and big-bags. Ultrasonic welding for medical gowns and baby diapers. Seamless knitting for compressive garments & socks. Electrospinning for yarn and 3-D garment manufacturing.

Course Coordinator
Ali Demir
Course Language
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