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HSK 518E - Turbulence

Course Objectives

• Presenting the basic concepts and knowledge about turbulence which is a common research phenomenon in many different disciplines, such as Hydraulics; Coastal, Environmental, Aerospace and Energy Engineering.
• Solution of steady and oscillatory turbulent boundary layers by means of analytical and experimental methods.
• Presenting the primary statistical and spectral methods for investigation of turbulence.
• Investigation of mixing and dispersion in a turbulent boundary layer by means of analytical and numerical methods.
• Presenting the primary turbulence models and providing examples for application of turbulence theory.

Course Description

Introduction. Reynolds averaging and decomposition. Basic equations of continuity, momentum and energy. Flow in steady boundary layers for zero and non-zero pressure gradient; smooth and rough walls; turbulence-modeling approach for steady boundary layers. Flow resistance. Bursting process. Statistical and spectral analysis of turbulence. Diffusion and dispersion in turbulent flows. Laminar and turbulent wave boundary layers. Turbulence modeling. Applications of turbulence theory.

Course Coordinator
Veysel Şadan Özgür Kırca
Course Language
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