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ELK 531E - Special Topics in Electrical Engineering

Course Objectives

This course aims to teach some important topics such the power system quality, power system stability, and power system protection topics in a comprehensive manner.

Course Description

This course consists of three modules: Power Quality, Stability of the Power System and Protection of the Power System.
In the "Power Quality" module, a brief description and causes of power quality are given, then a detailed classification of power quality problems. Then, mathematical transformations are introduced for modeling and analysis of power quality problems. Basic problems such as harmonics, voltage collapse and rises in power systems are examined.
In the module of the power system stability, the dynamic equation of the system (swing equation) will be obtained for a single machine and infinite-bus system, stability analysis, pre-fault, fault and post-fault conditions of the system will be examined, and the stability of the system will be evaluated according to the equal area criterion.
Power System Protection; It is about determining relay and protection systems and taking other remedial measures to detect faults or abnormalities in electrical energy systems and to minimize damage and ensure the safety of human life. This module will cover basic protection schemes and applications, introduction to signal conditioning for digital relays. The application of the subject will be given considering the transmission line/feeder protection problem and the obligation of the relays to be properly adjusted and coordinated will be addressed from the engineering application point of view.

Course Coordinator
Ramazan Çağlar
Course Language
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