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UMT 508 - Process Metallurgy

Course Objectives

1.The logic of production flow charts of raw metals, refined metals, extra pure metals and advance technology materials will be learned in detail.
2. The selection criteria of metallurgical preliminary preparations, basic (unit) operations and reactors used in production.
3. The discussion and evaluation of current production process by considering the consumption of sources, the cost of energy and the logic of environmental conscious (waste-raw material conversion).

Course Description

The production of metals from different sources and the discussion of refining flow charts in a cause/effect relation ; the development of process flow charts with their alternatives by using the following tools:
1. Fundamental metallurgical diagrams
2. Fundamental operations knowledge
3. Design and selection of reaction environment (reactor)
with examples of pyro-, hydro-, electrometallurgy applications

Course Coordinator
Sebahattin Gürmen
Course Language
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