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GEO 610 - Advanced Topics in GIS Technology

Course Objectives

Advanced topics in GIS are new concepts and ideas in the GIS theory, new GIS methodologies and
techniques, newly developed applications, newly developed hardware and software and new types or
format of data. Therefore, advanced topics in GIS are very new and state of the art geographic information
science and technology system, they are new and recent developments. It is not necessary that all
advanced topics are operational and common, but possibly some of these topics just gotten familiar with it.
The objectives of giving such a course are to: strengthen GIS knowledge and expertise, identify GIS latestresearch developments and enhance the participant's capacity to design and to implement research in

Course Description

Space Modelling (Entity-Based Models, Field-Based Models), The Spatial Concept, Spatial Invariables, Non-topological Spatial Sides, Topology of Point Sets, Edge and Boundary Difference, The Concept of Exception, Object Oriented Modelling, Object Oriented Approach, Notations, UML (Unified Modelling Language), Inheritance, Generalisation, Specialization, Tabular Modelling, (Association of Object Classes, Association and Aggregation, Upper and Lower Classes, Transition to Tables from Objects), "Buffering" Functions in GIS, Data Exchange Problem Between GIS's, Planning a Suitable Location Using GIS, Time Modelling in GIS, Integration of Multimedia Tools in GIS, Communication Problem to GIS's, The Concepts of OGC and Interoperability, The simple Feature Concept of OGC, Legal Security of Spatial Data, XML (eXtensible Markup Language), Application of XML in GIS and GML (Geographic Markup Language).

Course Coordinator
Cengizhan İpbüker
Course Language
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