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KIM 526 - Chemical kinetics

Course Objectives

To help understand chemical kinetics by examining the speed of reactions involving atoms, molecules, ions, and stimulated species.
To teach reaction rates to be calculated from experimental data
To teach the calculation theory of reaction rates and to gain the ability to calculate the speed of chemical reactions by applying known physical sizes of the reactants to these theories.
To ensure that innovations are followed by examining current studies.

Course Description

Kinetic velocity laws and methods of calculating reaction velocity from experimental data. Mechanisms of elementary reactions. Activation energy. Kinetic theory of collision. Statistical mechanics of chemical balance. Reaction rate theories. Elementary gas phase reactions. Elementary reactions in solution. Factors determining reaction rates in solution. Models applied to reactions between ions and their calculations. Mechanism of some reactions carried out in the gas phase. Autooxidation reactions in gas phase. Homogeneous catalysis. Reactions on the surface and solid phase.

Course Coordinator
Bahire Filiz Şenkal
Course Language
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