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SPL 512 - City Centers in the Global Transformation Process

Course Objectives

The Changing Urban Systems and the Evolution of Metropolitan Spatial Form, Metropolitan Dynamics, Global Economic Change, Telecommunications and Urban Areas, Improvements in Transport and Communications and Urban Change, Internationalisation of Services and Metropolitan Areas, Information Technology, Economic Restructuring and the Urban-Regional Process, Work Force Trends in the Core, Retailing in the Urban Core, Offices in the Core, The Planning of Core Areas, The Case Study Cities.

Course Description

In this course, the changing spatial structures in metropolitan areas are generally discussed through many examples. In the first lesson, information about the general framework is given, and in the following lessons, the center development models and policies are emphasized. In other words, the changes and transformations in the city centers of the metropolitan areas resulting from the globalization and accordingly the rapid growth of the service sector in the current century are widely discussed with examples of different characteristics (e.g. different geographies and applications at different scales) in this course. Furthermore, different examples that are effective in the spatial and social development of city centers over the last two decades are discussed and evaluated. Also, the effects of mixed-use projects, which aim to contribute the old warehouse, industrial and port areas, which have become idle with the increase of logistics facilities, positively to the city economy, on the city center are evaluated within the scope of this course.

Theoretical and empirical explanations and studies made within the scope of this course are generally discussed by comparing with Istanbul, the city we live in, at the end of each lesson every week. In the course, students are also asked to read articles that reinforce the content of the course and to make presentations and report by discussing a sample project.

Course Coordinator
Ayşe Lale Berköz
Ayşe Lale Berköz
Course Language
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