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MTO 502E - Advanced Synoptic Meteorology

Course Objectives

This course is opened to take the topics of the Air Analysis and Forecasting courses in our undergraduate program to an advanced level. With this course, our students will be taught advanced methods that dominate the theoretical side and a broad perspective on the structural properties of the atmosphere and the mid-latitude weather events caused by them. Detailed analysis and application skills of synoptic scale events with the latest technology (satellite, radar) will be gained.

Course Description

Recent developments and trends in weather analysis and forecasting methods. Synoptic weather phenomena and their structure and behavior. Structure and analysis of cyclone waves, Properties of facade zones, frontogenesis, Analysis of mid-latitude cyclones, tropical cyclones and extratropical cyclones with radar and satellite technologies. Vertical velocity and quasi-geostrophic omega diversity. Diabetic effects on the development of cyclones. Overview of the modeling of synoptic scale events.

Course Coordinator
Mikdat Kadıoğlu
Course Language
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