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ELK 502E - A.Neur.Netwoks for Syst.Identf

Course Objectives

1. To give the basic concepts in system identification and control theory using the artificial neural nets
2. To Desing aneuro controller
3. to design self-tuning neuro controller
4. to get the system modelling by neural nets

Course Description

1. General concept of signals and systems
2. Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Nets and comparisons with Biological neorons
3. Types of the neuraş nets and learning algorithms
4. Back Propagation Aşgorithm
5. Recurrent Neural Nets
System Identification and modelling of the Stochastic processes
6. Various neura net topologies for system modelling
7. AR Modelling
8. ARMA modelling
9. Classical controllers
10. Neuro Controller design and applications
11. Self Tuning Neuro Controler for linear and nonlinear s

Course Coordinator
Şahin Serhat Şeker
Course Language
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