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KOM 504 - Fuzzy Modelling and Control

Course Objectives

1 To understand the fuzzy sets, the operations of fuzzy sets, fuzzy relations and composition, fuzzy numbers and fuzzy logic
2 To gain knowledge about fuzzy systems with its components
3 To understand fuzzy modeling techniques.
4 To gain knowledge about classification of the fuzzy controllers, and to gain knowledge about the structure and the parameter tuning methods.
5 To provide the students Matlab/Fuzzy Logic Toolbox/ANFIS programs with applications

Course Description

Fuzzy Sets, The Operations of Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Relation and Composition, Fuzzy Numbers, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Systems, Fuzzy Modeling Techniques, Matlab/Fuzzy Logic Toolbox/ANFIS Applications, Fuzzy Controller Structures, Optimization of Fuzzy PID controllers

Course Coordinator
Tufan Kumbasar
Course Language
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