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SPL 510 - Implementations of Urban Administration

Course Objectives

1-To learn the forms of urban administration in the world
2-To examine the detailed structure of the urban administration in Turkey
3-To examine new concepts about city management

Course Description

Content Urbanization and administration relations, the main problem areas in the administration of urban areas in developing countries basic urban administration problems in cities, urban administration in administration of the country whole, decentralization and centralization concepts, Turkey's government units, central government, municipalities, metropolitan municipalities , special provincial administrations, legislative and executive bodies and powers of city government, the legislative and executive institutions in Turkey, the reasons for organizing the Metropolitan scale, Metropolitan forms of organization, administration of metropolitan areas in Turkey, recent changes in the financial structure of city management, Statistical Regional Units and their use in Development Agencies, Local Administration Unions and city administration, Local agenda 21 and city councils, Public-private partnerships and their use in city administration.

Course Coordinator
Şevkiye Şence Türk
Course Language
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