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MTS 532 - Body and Space

Course Objectives

1 Recognizing the body and bodily form shaping space with its motion, creating a kinetic awareness related to the body
2 Establishing a discussion platform towards the exploration of space by its relations with body, motion, time and perception through performance experiences
3 Considering architecture not only as space and form, but also as a state of an activity, an event, a phenomenon which can be choreographed, discussing the design of body in space, logic of motion in terms of “spatial choreography”
4 Enabling the search and exploration, in a laboratory environment, of the reciprocal roles of movement and space in shaping each other, by the help of both analyses of performance spaces designed by architects and also experimental studies on spatial device designed by students

Course Description

Analysis of movement patterns of the body, movement grammar; Spatial awareness through movement; Dramatic body: Modernity and Bauhaus; Body-space relations analysis through performance experience; New technologies in the construction of setting: interactive space experiences; Reading of body-space relations through designed performance spaces: analysis; Reading of body-space relations through designed performance spaces: representation and discussion; Evaluation of modern dance in Turkey through performance spaces; Body and movement in architecture; Experimental body-space relations: project design; Experimental body-space relations: implementation and experience; Body in urban space; Design within motion; Representation of space created by body movement

Course Coordinator
Fatma Erkök
Pelin Dursun Çebi
Course Language
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