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MTS 605 - Theory, Process and Formal Language in Architectural Design

Course Objectives

1. Understanding architectural design features by abstracting the characteristics of the architectural products
2. It is aimed to understand architectural design in more holistic way and in the aspects of being a real event.

Course Description

Theory, Discourse and Epistemology of Architecture and Design; Design Science and DifferentResearch Activities; History of Design Theories:first, second and third generations, differentprocess and problems type; Design as a Mental Activity:design thinking, design psychology andprimary generators; Design and Creativity:preliminary form, mediocre or heuristic design;Philosophy of Design Methodology; Knowledge inDesign:designerly way of knowing, designdisipline versus design science; Computer Aided Design:formal grammer production, artificial
intelegence; Visualisation, Presentation and Giving Form in Design:parametric, innovative andcreative design, an abstract/concrete form, different attıtutes and approaches to the architecturalform.

Course Coordinator
Nesip Ömer Erem
Course Language
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