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RST 608E - Conservation of Stone

Course Objectives

Conservation architects,engineers and chemists who will work on conservation of stone will learn theoretically the scientific principles of cleaning, consolidation, integration, plastic repairs in order to preserve original stone objects, and are trained prior to implementation by conducting experimental work depending on a laboratory research program.

Course Description

Historical evolution of stone conservation theory and practices (end of 19 century - 2002); stone consolidants; ethyl silicate, epoxy resins, acrylic resins, alkyl alkoxy silanes, silane-siloxanes and water repellents; recent developments: microemulsions; environments of degradation and morphology of natural stones; suitable reinforcers; cosmetic and plastic repairs; a laboratory research program in which the effectiveness of the stone consolidant is investigated with related experimental standards.

Course Coordinator
Işıl Polat Pekmezci
Course Language
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