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ULS 520 - Traffic Management

Course Objectives

1. To teach the conventional methods of traffic management;
2. To teach the geometrical design of highway at-grade and multi-level intersections;
3. To teach the cycle calculation methods, phasing and phaes sequencing for signalised intersections; and
4. To teach methods for freeway traffic control.

Course Description

Highway Intersections: Safety and Capacity Issues - Intersection Design - At-grade Junctions - Uncontroled Intersections, Rounabouts - Signalized Intersections: The English method, The Australian Method – Demand Management at Junctions – Overview to Signal Optimization Software – Multilevel Junction Design - Highway Network Management, Coordination of Intersections –- Freeway Traffic Management and Control Methods: Ramp Management Strategies, Ramp Control Methods - Autopark Management - Organization in Traffic Management – Queuing Theory: Deterministic Queuing Analysis – Stochastic Queuing Analysis

Course Coordinator
Hilmi Berk Çelikoğlu
Course Language
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