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CTT 509 - Detailing of Façade Systems

Course Objectives

1. Teaching principles of detail development.
2. Developing skills of designing typical area details of façade systems.
3. Developing skills of designing façade system-building intersection area details.

Course Description

Detail development approaches. Principles of detail design. Detail design criteria: performance requirements, constructability, aesthetics. Typical area detail and intersection area detail design in the context of systems approach, performance approach, part-whole interaction.
Curtain wall – building intersection area details. Window/door frame - wall intersection area details. Typical area details and intersection area details of timber, natural stone, burned clay, metal, cement, plastic based façade cladding systems. Details of green façade and photovoltaic façade systems.
Studio work: Precedent analysis.
Studio work: Detail design.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Cem Altun
Fatih Yazıcıoğlu
Course Language
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