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MTS 625 - Material in Architectural Design: Theory, Criticism and Culture

Course Objectives

1. To consider architectural design knowledge both within theory, criticism and culture of material;
2. Reading architectural design in comparison with the materiality of the world and Turkey axis;
3. The relationship between architectural knowledge and material; explorations, thresholds and actors;
4. Investigation of architectural design in popular culture and everyday life representations through material and questioning the association of these representations with culture;
5. To discuss and explore the possible forms of architectural design

Course Description

Materiality of architecture; relationship between architectural design and material, readings on material history, theory and culture, tectonics: dimension, scale, pattern, prefabrication / thinking with construction, relation between material and non-material, reuse of material, popular culture, representation and material relation, everyday life and material culture

Course Coordinator
Funda Uz
Funda Uz
Course Language
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