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PYY 514 - International Construction Projects Management

Course Objectives

1.To learn basic concepts about international construction,
2.To understand the importance of internationalization of the Turkish construction sector,
3.To be aware of doing business in international construction market and problems encountered,
4.To understand the cultural, political, economic and legal environments of international construction

Course Description

Globalization, internationalization, multinational firm, international firm, transnational corporation, characteristics of international construction, international trade:, environmental forces in international management, domestic, foreign and international environment, socio-cultural, political and economic forces, entry models for international market, comparisons between different countries construction industries, business strategies, international strategic cooperation, organizational structure, project team, project finance, competitive power analysis, risk evaluation in international construction projects – financial risk, foreign country risk, international construction contracts and dispute resolution.

Course Coordinator
Hüsnü Murat Günaydın
Course Language
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