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SBP 615 - Implementation of Urban Law

Course Objectives

1 Comprehension of the interaction between urban planning and urban law
2 The detailed examination of urban administrative structure in the Turkey
3 The examination new concepts related to urban law
4 The examination and comprehension of the high courts decisions related to urban law

Course Description

The classification of law and development law in Turkish legal system, its scope and application area, Development planning, hierarchy, types of plans, and authority in Turkish urban planning system, main plans, special purposed plans, The implementation of urban plans and the implementation tools, Development programmes, subdivision plans, Land readjustment method (title 18 of Development Law no 3194), voluntary methods (title 15 and 16 of Development Law no 3194) and expropriation, Building permission and control, the examination of the high court decisions

Course Coordinator
Şevkiye Şence Türk
Course Language
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