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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Denizcilikte Çevre Yönetimi
English Maritime Environment Manage.
Course Code
DUM 526E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Yasin Arslanoğlu
Course Objectives 1 To teach ecological structure of the marine environment and marine pollution.
2 To acknowledge students about concepts of environmental policies and politics
3 To teach the structural and operating characteristics of the ship parts which cause marine and environment pollutions.
4 To teach the methods which are used to monitor and to remove ship-based marine pollutions.
5 To teach Marine Environment Management
Course Description Marine Enviroment Ecological Structure, Marine Pollution, Marine and Enviroment pollution from ship, International & National Agreements and Conventions Against Ship-based Pollution, ship sourced oil pollution and liability regime, ship recycling, waste management, Methods for detection and information of enviromental pollution, preventing monitoring and controlling. Emergency preparedness/contingency planning, Oil Spill Simulation. Introduction to six areas essential to a comprehensive understanding of environmental policy: concept of environmental policy; tools (law, economics, planning, science, engineering, ethics) for environmental policy.
Course Outcomes 1 Learn about the basic concepts of marine and environmental pollution
2 Learn about marine and environment pollutions caused by ships
3 Learn about environmental policies
4 Learn about marine environment management
Required Facilities
Textbook 1 Jane Roberts (2010), Environmental policy, Publisher Routledge.
2 Sharon Beder (2006), Environmental Principles and Policies: An Interdisciplinary Introduction, Taylor & Francis.
3 Houng H. (1999), Environmental Policies and Natural Resource Management in Southeast Asia, Global Nest: the Int. J. Vol 1, No 3, pp 217-225.
4 Howes S. and Wyrwoll P., Asia’s Wicked Environmental Problems, Asian Development Bank Institute Working Paper Series, No. 348 February 2012.
5 Khee, A. and Tan, J., 2006: Vessel-source Marine Pollution: The Law and Politics of International Regulation, Cambridge University Press.
6 Hofer,N.T., 2008:Marine Pollution:New Research, Nova Scienc Publishers.
7 Roberts, J., 2010: Marine Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation: The Application and Future Development of the IMO's Particularly Sensitive Sea Area Concept, Springer.
8 ICPO-INTERPOL, 2007: Illegal Oil Discharges From Vessel, ICPO INTERPOL, Communication and Publications Office.
9 IMO, 2011: MARPOL 73/78, Consolidated Edition.
Other References
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