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DUM 538E - Advanced Maritime Chemistry

Course Objectives

1 To teach the basic concepts and principles of chemistry and its importance in the maritime area
2 To give information about the mechanism of corrosion and how it is controlled in marine environment
3 To understand oil-fuel chemistry and to interpret what their analysis means
4 To teach marine paints and coating applications
5 To give information about marine pollution, dangerous goods and ballast treatment methods

Course Description

Marine Chemistry. Materials and Metals used in maritime and their usage areas. Properties of sea water. The effects of corrosion on ship and sea structures, especially in maritime area and its prevention. Marine paints and coatings. Fuel and oil chemistry, fuel-oil types and properties. Ballast treatment methods, Marine Tests. Dangerous substances and cargoes. Contamination and Pollution in the Marine Environment.

Course Coordinator
Yasin Arslanoğlu
Course Language
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