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YAP 514 - Theory of Shells

Course Objectives

1 Understanding the response of shells to various types of loading,
2 Analyzing response of simple shell structures under various types of loading by using plate equation,
3 Understanding complex problems of shells,
4 Solution of shell problems by using various numerical methods.

Course Description

Differential geometry of the surfaces, Thin elastic shell theory, Basic assumptions, Stress resultants-displacement relations, Equations of equilibrium for general shape of shells, Shell equations, Boundary conditions, Strain energy, Membrane theory of shells, Membrane solutions for various shape of shells, Determination of displacements for membrane theory, Bending theory of shells, Axially symmetrically loaded circular cylindrical shells, Applications to cylindrical and spherical shells, Approximate solutions, Geckeler’ s approach, Shallow shell theory, Variational methods, Ritz ans Galerkin solutions, Numerical methods, Finite difference and finite element method.

Course Coordinator
Kadir Güler
Kadir Güler
Course Language
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