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YAP 556 - Strengthening of Structures with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

Course Objectives

In recent years, repair and retrofit of existing structures constitute a significant portion of civil engineering investments. Among conventional repair and retrofitting methods, innovative approaches utilising advanced composite materials are being used more and more in last decade. Several technical documents, such as guidelines and standards are prepared and being used for design and construction of structures to be repaired and/or retrofitted using fiber reinforced composites. Fiber reinforced composites are generally more preferable for the engineering community due to their high strength and durability, low density and significantly easier application potentials. The purpose of this lecture is to introduce the potentials of this new retrofitting approach, which has significant differences with respect to conventional retrofitting approaches, to students through design principles, theoretical background, structural behavior, construction techniques and detailing, with the support of experimental and analytical homeworks.

Course Description

History. Definitions. Standards. Structural engineering applications. Properties of fiber reinforced polymers (FRPs). Structural deficiencies. Comparison with conventional retrofitting techniques. Flexural behavior of RC members, failure modes, flexural retrofit. Shear behavior of beams, shear failures, shear retrofit. Strengthening of slabs. Behavior of FRP confined concrete. Failure modes in columns, column retrofit. Seismic retrofit with FRPS. FRPs for strengthening of masonary and historical structures. Bond between concrete and FRP.

Course Coordinator
Alper İlki
Course Language
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