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SRM 508 - Structural Ceramics

Course Objectives

1)To introduce traditional & advanced ceramic materials classes and emphasizing position within them and importance of structural ceramics and its application fields.

2) To teach kind of raw materials and processing options for production of structural ceramics.

3)To teach microstructure-performance relations and importance of fracture toughness concept.

4) To introduce design concept for structural ceramics and importance of Weibull analysis

5). To teach carbide, nitride, oxide based and other structural ceramic groups and their application fields.

6) To introduce latest research related to structural ceramics and nanostructured structural ceramics

Course Description

Introduction to structural ceramics (ceramics in heat engines, bearings, ceramics for metal shaping, wear resistant parts, bioceramics, military ceramics, implications of high performance structural ceramicsMicrostructure-performance relations of structural ceramics and fracture toughness and creep issues. Transformation toughening mechanisms Design concept with structural ceramics (key structural characteristics, conceptual design, todays design process), Weibull analysis.). Carbides, Nitrides, , Oxides and other important structural ceramic groups.

Course Coordinator
Burak Özkal
Course Language
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