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MBL 532 - Graphics Programming in Architectural Design

Course Objectives

1.Teaching the logic of the translation of architectural design representations into computer environment and manipulation of 2D-3D drawing and geometric modeling during architectural design.
2. Supporting the ability to structure algorithm , develop computer models and computational thinking for solution of an architectural problem using related models and techniques; in particular Translation of conceptual models into graphic models developed for supporting parametric architectural design.

Course Description

2D and 3D graphical models; Graphical descriptive models; Design primitives; Graphical statements and their applications; Compositions of writing and color; Scaling, rotation, reflection and translation procedures on architectural elements; Boolean operations on shapes; Theoretical knowledge on perspective drawings and applications; Applications on graphical representations of architectural forms; Applications for developing parametric architectural design models.

Course Coordinator
Sema Alaçam
Course Language
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