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MTZ 528E - Theory & Criticism in Architec

Course Objectives

to build awareness about the circular economy in architecture and construction
to explore new circular design concept and methodologies
to develop knowledge and skills in a circular design
to introduce technology that makes the possible circular design

Course Description

The course will critically look at conventional architectural design and build process by building awareness about the new Building Revolutions concept which aims is to apply circular economy to the built environment. It also aims to understand the driving force behind the transformability/adaptability/ reversibility of processes that can ensure the circularity of building materials through their multiple applications.

This course will elucidate the foundation of a methodology for, in which the concept of waste is minimized, building systems are flexible and materials are circulating in the continuous loop forming a base for the new circular economy.

Course Coordinator
Meryem Birgül Çolakoğlu
Course Language
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