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ELE 617E - VLSI Digital Signal Proc.Sys.

Course Objectives

1. To provide information on several high-level architectural transformations that can bu used to design families of architectures for a given algorithm.
2. understands how algorithms to be tranformed for design of high-speed or low-area or low-power implementation.
3. has an insight into the issues related to high-performance VLSI system design.

Course Description

Characteristics and representations of signal processing programs • Iteration bound, Pipelining and parallel processing, Retiming, Unfolding, Folding, Systolic architecture design, Algorithmic strength reduction in filters and transformations, Pipelined and parallel recursive filters, Bit-level arithmetic architecture, Redundant Arithmetic, Numerical strength reduction.

Course Coordinator
Müştak Erhan Yalçın
Course Language
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