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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Cephe Üretim Sistemlerinin Tasarımı ve Yönetimi
English Design and Management for Facade Manufacturing Systems
Course Code
CTT 515 Credit Lecture
Semester -
4 4 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Emre Çevikcan
Course Objectives 1. To introduce principles and techniques for integrating the resources of material, machine, labour for the effective production in terms of quality, time and cost.
2. To discuss the structure of contemporary production systems
3. To show the relationship between production processes and other fundamental processes of the business
4. To give the conscious and knowledge of identifying the problems in production systems and proposing permanent solutions to these problems
Course Description Presenting complex, dynamic and stochastic nature of manufacturing systems, providing the set of skills to design effective manufacturing systems and introducing modern approaches in the design of production systems.
Course Outcomes I. Determining and designing design-manufacturing-assembly processes of facade systems
II. Making in-plant material folow convenient
III. Considering manufacturing and assembly during design.
IV. Preparing appropriate production plan with respact to demand
V. Positioning the system within Supply Chain
VI. Having knowledge about Enterprise Resource Planning
VII. Focusing the reduction of non-value added activities in manufacutring system
VIII. Planning project resources in an effective manner
Required Facilities
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