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DUY 517 - Port and Terminal Management

Course Objectives

1. To introduce students how ports and terminals operation to be done.
2. To provide students to learn various type of vessels, cargoes, and their handling operations.
3. To develop understanding of port policies, berths, terminals, various agencies, labours to be worked at port and terminal.
4. To understand structure and features of container, general cargo, liquid and bulk cargo terminals and their functions.
5. To understand and evaluate port costs, prices, revenues, marketing and finance as well as environment matters, safety and security.

Course Description

This course will provide students to take an in-depth look at the working of port and terminal operations. The program covers ports, terminals, their operations, vessel types, handling of cargo and materials/equipments to be used in port and terminals for bulk, container, liquid, and general cargo. A view of major steamship lines, port agencies, stevedores, any other agencies their duties and responsibilities will also be covered along with marketing, pricing, competition and legal aspect of port and terminals.

Course Coordinator
Emre Akyüz
Emre Akyüz
Course Language
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