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MTO 513E - Statistical Met.Atmospher.Sci.

Course Objectives

The main purpose of this course is to equip the students with the advanced statistical methods and their field of applications which are frequently used in atmospheric and climate research.

Course Description

Uncertainty about the atmosphere; Review of probability: The element of probability, the meaning of probability, some properties of probability; Empirical Distributions and exploratory data analysis: Numerical summary measures, Graphical summary techniques, Reexpression, Exploratory techniques for paired data, Exploratory techniques for higher dimensional data; Theoretical probability distributions, Discrete distributions, Continuous distributions, Multivariate probability distributions; Hypothesis testing: Parametric tests, Nonparametric tests; Methods for univariate time series: Harmonic and spectral analysis; Methods for multivariate time series, Wavelet analysis

Course Coordinator
Kasım Koçak
Course Language
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