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BLG 517E - Modelling and Performance Analysis of Networks

Course Objectives

1. To introduce network structures used in various fields
2. To teach techniques in order to model networks
3. To provide a unified view of performance analysis of computer networks
4. To teach that the nodes in computer networks can be modeled by using the Markov queueing systems
5. To teach how to model a network system made of nodes

Course Description

Technological networks.. Social networks. Information networks. Biological networks. Network models: Random graphs, Random models with general degree distributions, models of network formation. Network flow models. Modelling input traffic. A quick introduction to stochastic processes. Markov models. Analysis of delay. Little’s rule. M/M/1, M/M/m, M/M/m/m queueing systems. Jackson’s theory. Jakson networks.

Course Coordinator
Sema Fatma Oktuğ
Course Language
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